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Chongqing Institute of Bio-intelligent Manufacturing

Chongqing Research Institute of bio intelligent manufacturing (hereinafter referred to as the Research Institute) is a public institution directly under Liangjiang New Area established by relying on the talent advantages of the national key field innovation research team and the technical advantages of the national key R & D plan, with Chongqing Municipal Post Doctoral Research Station.

The Institute is committed to using the concept of intelligent manufacturing to protect life and health, focusing on "biomedical materials", "biomedical intelligent equipment", "clinical implantable products" and "bioprinting technology", focusing on the key, core, common (clinical and certification) technologies and product systems of biomedical manufacturing and new medical devices, to carry out design and development, clinical experiments, application and application The purpose of product certification and achievement transformation is to build a high-end R & D institution with deep integration of "politics, industry, learning, research and medicine" in the field of bio intelligent manufacturing.